Chase called.

Posted: 22nd April 2011 by Matthew Skroblus in Updates

Chase has been called off but not by our accord. Was two miles behind tornado and I-270 got shut down just between Dorsett and I-70. We can only guess there are power lines across the highway.

We saw plenty of debris and downed trees on the way through New Melle. Definitely a damaging tornado was on the ground. NWS confirmed it on the warnings.

Once we get out of this mess, we will be home and safely in for the night.

We followed Reed Timmer from Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers for most of the chase. Reed broke south when we headed for the tornado.

Check out the awesome picture we got of the wall cloud base just north of Hermann on 19 at 94.



  1. avatar Aaron Rueder says:

    Beautiful shot!