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When do I need to find shelter?

Posted: 30th January 2013 by Jason in Misc

Since I just posted about the new NWS warning classifications, I thought it might be a good idea to follow up with how to know when you need to find shelter.  The obvious, and easy, answer is that if the NWS says it’s time to go to ground, you need to go to ground.  A […]

All show and no Go

Posted: 29th January 2013 by Jason in Updates

10 minutes after the first radar indicated tornado hit our screen, a second one popped up to it’s north east. It’s not uncommon for multiple tornadoes to spin up like that, but in this case it seems it was all radar indicated and not on the ground (that may change, but listening to HAM, NWS […]

January Tornado close to home

Posted: 29th January 2013 by Jason in tornado report

We’re tracking a radar indicated tornado in St Charles county moving NE towards Wentzville. No visual yet, but around 50mph straight line winds.