Meet ST1

By Jason

Who is Storm Track One ?

20130217203237-Storm_Track_1Matt Skroblus  was born and raised in Norman, OK and comes from a family of storm chasers… The ability to track storms runs through his veins. Matthew has witnessed many tornadoes, including an unforgettable EF3 that left a 4 mile track through downtown Fort Worth, TX on March 28, 2000. In 2011 he formed Storm Track One.



20130217203319-Storm_Track_1 Jason Clark is a computer security and privacy wonk by day and a storm chaser by, well still day. Chasing at night sucks.  Jason is also the owner of the  Zed Sled, the Line-X covered red station wagon that you might see driving around St Louis on moderate risk days.




20130217203222-Storm_Track_1Jeff Lewis





20130217203154-Storm_Track_1Shae “Radio” Cohan